My Warhammer 40k / Kill Team Faction has been Decided!


To what I imagine is the surprise to no one, I have finally settled on the venerable and classic Space Marines. There has been a lot of research, discussion, and thought put into this decision. Using a combination of reddit, wikis, Tabletop Titan battle reports, and Playon Tabletop battle reports, I decided that the space marines, overall, are the best fit for me to start with.

From a fluff perspective, Space Marines have built in rules that allow me to create my own custom Successor Chapter. This is a big thing for me, as this lets me make my force, well, mine. I love this entire concept, and none of the other factions I was research allow for this in the actual rules. Sure, I can paint some Tau or Chaos Space Marines or Custodes a unique color and say they are the Knights of Nericus or something, but I will still be using the rules for a standard subfaction.

But the Succesor Chapter rules let me combine things from all the chapters to do fully custom forces if I so choose!

From a model and hobby perspective, the Space Marines have the most variety that I can find. I love their Terminator models, their regular troops, I adore the Bikes and Flyers, and the only thing I really feel are plain are the tanks, but even those are decent. Plus, they seem to be the simplest to paint overall, with simple armor and weapon options, but offer loads of customization to them.

And from a rules perspective, they are both simple to learn and forgiving, with tons of tactical options both in Kill Team and 40k, but at the same time they can be a bit complicated due to the sheer number of options.

Now that this has been settled, the next steps are getting a force together. But for that?

For that I need a few books.

First, I want the Space Marine Codex. It may seem odd that, given I intend to start with Kill Team, that I would want the 40k Codex first, but hear me out! As I am going to expand FROM Kill Team INTO 40k eventually, I want to make sure I pick and choose models I can use in both, as well as paint them the way I want. The Codex will give me the rules for 40k, while I can actually access the Kill Team rules on a website called Wahapedia.

After the Codex I will either grab the Kill Team Core Rules OR the Chapter Supplement that I want or need. From what I hear, being a successor chapter to Dark Angels might be what I want, as that would let me run tons of Terminators or Bikes. So I may need that book.

In addition, I will most likely grab the Space Marine Intercessor + Paints Kit, and a color to replace the Blue. I really don’t want basic blue Marines. I am eyeing purple or dark green. I really like dark purple as a color.

And then it will be time to grab my first set of minis for my Kill Team.

You might ask be asking “Clay, why are you not considering the 40k Starter Kits, as those have a ton of Space Marines to use!”

The answer to that is…I am considering it! And if I do, I will most likely end up selling the Necron sprues on EBay if I do that or something. I have NO desire to play Necrons. I am not a fan of the models, the rules, anything. It may be that getting the mid level box (Elite) is the most cost effective option for me to get into both Kill Team and 40k! I have yet to really determine that. I am also looking into the Kill Team starter IF I can find one, as that would have the full kill team rules, a set of marines, some Tau (another faction I am actually interested in) and so on.

I also still need a kit of hobby tools and some more brushes, but thats not a big deal to obtain.

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