Mini Wargaming: What do I need outside of Minis?

You might think, if you have never done the miniature wargame thing before, that all ya need are a box of minis and you are good to go but sadly you would be wrong. This hobby aint cheap, make no mistake. I often call it plastic crack (as opposed to card games, which are cardboard crack!)

I at least have a past understanding of this. So I wanted to list out, both to help myself and maybe others who find this, the kind of stuff you want to grab as you get deeper into the hobby.

First up, Hobby Tools!

To even really assemble minis, you need tools. A hobby kit like this one pictured above (and found here can give you basically all you need. Clippers, files, exacto knife, and so on. You need all these things to remove mould lines and clip plastic minis from their sprues. Thankfully there are plenty of kits that have all you need and they are fairly cheap. The one I linked is the one I most likely will snag.

You will also need some glue. Super Glue or Plastic Glue are the two options suggested for plastic minis, and Super Glue is suggested for Metal. Gorilla Glue seems to be a popular super glue choice. Its again up to personal preference from my research, as apparently plastic glue actually MELTS the plastic together.

Then you need Brushes for painting!

From my research, all you need are a variety of brushes that feel comfy for ya, in a variety of sizes large and small. You can get these from places like Walmart for dirt cheap and thats what I am gonna do. You can also get a few brushes from the learn to paint kits, which also include the next item…Paint!

You can’t paint if you dont HAVE paint. There are so many paint types out there, and choosing the brand and colors is completely up to the individual. You are also gonna want some spray primer, which you can get at most hardware stores. I have seen people suggest black, white, and even grey primer so you will need to decide on the primer based on your intended color scheme. Hell, I have heard that some people will prime with a spray color that will be their main color, then just add accents to the models such as trim and weapons, to save time. I might do this route myself. I am unsure.

Thats all you need to get started with the HOBBY side. But what about actually playing the games?

Well outside of the actual models, you need the Rulebook for the game you wanna play. Whether its Warmachine, Kill Team, Malifaux, Infinity, ect, you need the rules. You can find options such as Wahapedia (which I have been using) to just read the rules with all the errata, but you should pick up a copy of the rulebook for your game of choice. Sometimes you can pick up a starter box for the game you wanna dive into, if you are interested in the army / factions included, to save money.

You also need DICE!

NGL I kinda love that color scheme.

What kind of dice depend on the game. For Warhammer, for instance, its a LOT of d6. I need to pick some up myself at some point as I have a random assortment, but having them all one or two colors makes things easier. You may also want tokens for wounds / effects. I use poker chips and coins.

You will also want some way to cart the dice around. I got a custom dice box from a review I did years ago. This is the review in question, and I am lucky in that my dice box solution is also a dice rolling tray. Its real fancy. I dont even think you can get these anymore.

Further ya need a tape measure for distances. Any old tape measure will do, and you want one thats flexible. No rigid rulers here people!

Finally, you need a way to carry your minis around. This is generally a nasty expense. I remember back when I played years ago that I ended up getting smart. I bought a cheap craft box that was deep and had compartments on the lid that let me carry my cards, dice, pens, ect. Then I got some pluck foam, which is a type of foam try that lets you rip chunks out to create little carry spaces for minis, and stacked a few of those INSIDE the box.

Buying all this at once would set you back a HEAVY penny, so my advice, and what I intend to do, is plan ahead. Think ahead, create a budget, and slowly build up everything you need so you are ready to go for your first games. In my case, I may very well go with a cheap carrying option (I dont want my minis to get damaged!) and start with the tools and paint stuff first. Then move my way down in this order. Literally the last thing I should need is the carry case honestly. You dont really need that unless you have no way to store your minis in your own home.

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