Planning My First Thousand Points of Wardens of the Twilight Grove – Kings of War

So in my last post I talked about the why behind choosing the Wardens of the Twilight Grove, and my plans for Vanguard. But I am also planning to expand that out into a full Kings of War army. Now much of this post is going to be speculation as I am using the free rulebook as well as the Kings of War Army Builder to figure out ideas, but my intent here is to think out a good intro force that I can learn with, and paint up.

Lets start by reiterating my Vanguard Force:

  • Exemplar 41 (Commander)
  • Water Elemental 32 (Large)
  • Devoted 26 (Spellcaster)
  • 2 Mounted Knights 52 (Warriors)
  • 3 Foot Knight 45 (Warriors)

So, the easy things there are the Foot Knights, Mounted Knights, and Water Elements. Each of those can be purchased in a Regiment size box directly from Mantic or various suppliers (since I am using Basilean Troops specifically for the Knights). That would also give me a total of 10 Mounted Knights (Basilean Paladins on Mounts), 20 Foot Knights (Paladins on Foot), and 3 Water Elementals.

The Exemplar and Devoted howerever, are gonna take a bit more planning. In a regular Kings of War army these are considered Heroes. In order to have access to them BOTH I would need to take 2 Regiments of something OTHER THEN Water Elementals. Water Elementals only unlock things in a Horde (6 total elementals)

Further, there are no actual minis for either of these. The Exemplar is kind of like a paladin, so I will most likely search for an option there. The Devoted is like a Cleric or Water Mage, so I will be hunting for that as well.

Now, these specific boxes alone, if taken with no upgrades, will hit about 585 points for a regular Kings of War force. If I am aiming for a starting army of 1000, which seems like a good starter number to get the hang of the game, I am going to need a few things.

One thing I want are Beasts of Nature. Taking those boxes as is, as Regiments, will prevent me from taking anything else as each Regiment taken (in this case, the Brotherhood and Brotherhood on Foot are 2 regiments with unlocks) only allows for 1 Hero OR 1 Monster. I am not worried about War Engines as the Order of the Green Lady has no war engines. So with this, I can get both the Exemplar of the Brotherhood and Devoted.

Now, what I could do, is upgrade that Regiment of mounted knights, the Order of the Brotherhood, into a Horde. This gives me a Monster choice. Doing that will give me access to a Beast of Nature, and if I upgrade that Beast with all its goodies (a ranged attack, wings, and increase its attacks) that puts me at 945 points. So what do I do with the remaining points?

Well, I can upgrade the Exemplar, the Foot Brotherhood, and the Mounted Brotherhood! Giving them all Vials of Sacred Water, as well as giving the Mounted Brotherhood the Banner of the Green Lady (giving them Pathfinder) brings me right up to 995!

This means that outside of what I wanted for Vanguard I would need a Beast of Nature model, and a second box of Paladins on Mounts.

So total models needed would be:

  • Exemplar Mini (Greymor!)
  • Devoted Mini (Cassandra? Maybe!)
  • Beast of Nature Mini (Gunther!)
  • 1 Regiment Box of Water Elementals (3 Elementals)
  • 1 Regiment Box of Basilean Paladins on Foot (for the Brotherhood on Food) (20 per box)
  • 2 Regiment Boxes of Basilean Paladins on Mounts (for the Brotherhood on Mounts) (10 per box, 20 total)

Total Minis: 46

I think this is doable to get started, and gives me a good core list to start with and build out from, adding more elementals (apparently Greater Earth Elementals are Titans!), Woodland Critters, Druids, Unicorns, and so on! Of course this is most likely not the most balanced or competitive list, but I aim for pulling double duty with my models as well as something I can grow with. I also happen to like the models I intend to use!

Now I just gotta find a good Exemplar, Devoted, and Beast of Nature mini to plan for.

This is what the list looks like, by the way. Taken from the Kings of War Army Planner:

995 / 1000 Points

5 Years of Terminally Nerdy

August 25th, 2021 was my 5 year anniversary of being Terminally Nerdy.  My first ever video was uploaded to youtube on that day, and for posterity, here it is.

A lot has changed in these past 5 years.  Friends have come and gone.  The types of things I have done have changed.  I deleted, then later recreated, my twitter.  I streamed on Youtube and Twitch, and stopped.  I did tons of Dungeons and Dragons content, then stopped and switched to video games.  And most recently I have gotten back into Miniature Wargaming, as this blog itself will show.

I have learned, and changed, and come a long way personally in these past few years.  I have gotten calmer, more confident, and finally feel that I have found my footing.

It’s been a ride, make no mistake.  I have accomplished things I never thought I would, like the time I spoke with Matthew Mercer for an hour and a half. 

I have gotten to have small conversations with people I consider inspiration like Cypher of Tyr, Cohh Carnage, and Rerez.  And throughout it all, I have somehow managed to keep this going for 5 freaking years.

If you are reading this and going “Sure, yea, 5 years is kind of long but so what?” let me tell you something: I NEVER keep up with projects this long.  My ADHD doesn’t allow it, generally.  And its kind of why things are the way they are now.

It helps to know where I started I suppose.  Not everyone has heard this story, so I figured I would put it here.

6 years ago I had a youtube channel called “This Is! Gaming with Clay”. It no longer exists.  I nuked it.  But before I did that, in an effort to learn what the hell I was doing I joined a reddit community called NewTubers.  I made a few friends during this time, some of which I am still friends with like Brax, The Golden Bolt, Big K, and Virus.  But at some point, my lack of self confidence in myself caused me to just nuke my channel and decide I was giving up on Youtube.

This pissed off several people. Including the ones named above.  Who proceeded to let me know how stupid I was being.

It’s their anger that caused me to create Terminally Nerdy.  The original idea was a simply a Vlog channel about nerdy topics that interested me, a super low effort series recorded with my cell phone about games, books, and so on.  My first real video outside of that intro was this thing:

Yea I was super good back then wasn’t I?  I quickly realized if I was gonna do the Vlog thing I should get a better camera, so I ended up doing that.  I then made a series of vids (don’t bother, they are gone) called Tabletop RPG 101.  I did these videos in an evening, and it was about getting into Tabletop RPGs like DND.  They were a huge hit, and a bunch of peeps convinced me to do videos on DND.

I did for quite a while, but grew to really dislike doing that for a variety of reasons I have ranted about in the past, and that will stay in the past now.  Suffice to say I ended up going towards Video Games after this, which were always my first love.  Then I slowly started gravitating towards reviews of indie games and smaller AA titles.  I enjoyed doing these, and my most popular videos to date are reviews I have done on Elex and Pillars of Eternity 2 Deadfire!

I am not really proud of the Elex review compared to how I do things now, but hey, you live and learn!

I kept streaming for a while, but when COVID hit and I began to work from home normally, I realized Streaming just wasn’t really my thing.  So I decided to try my hand at Lets Plays.  I have done a few full lets plays such as Vampire the Masquerade, Prodigal, and Wildermyth, and have a few that have died off for various reasons.

And now?  Well now I have finally gotten my groove and its real simple: Do what I want, when I want, how I want.  Schedules? Nah whatever.  Consistency?  Fuck that shit.  I will make the kinds of things I want in the time that I want to, and people can take it or leave it.  I spent so much of my early years trying to please people, to become popular and “make a living” off of content creation.  I am no longer after that.  I simply want to be happy.

I mean, at my height, my Patreon was bringing me over $200 a month in income, which was bananas to me.  But when I switched away from DND / TTRPG and started trying to find the right path for me most of those people left, and now I have a small but loving fanbase who support me and what I do in whatever way I want to do it.  I am proud to be supported by them, and I hope that I continue to make em happy.

But ya know what?

I gotta be happy first.  I am happy with the things I make.  I am happy writing about miniature gaming.  I am happy making reviews of games that interest me.  I am happy doing short Lets Plays on indie games.

And thru it all, I am happy that you, dear reader, and on this weird strange journey with me.

5 years have gone by.  And I am still….TERMINALLY FUCKING NERDY.

Its incurable.  What can you do!

Building the Wardens of the Twilight Grove – Kings of War (Order of the Green Lady)

So recently I posted a short bit of fiction in an effort to introduce my “Enclave” of The Order of the Green Lady, called the Wardens of the Twilight Grove. But today I want to dive a bit into the mechanical aspects of it, why I chose this as my ultimate Kings of War faction, and my plans going forward with it.

First, lets talk about why I chose these. Originally, I had dismissed both of the Brotherhood Orders. And as I discussed here, I had considered the Order of the Brothermark first, as I enjoy the way many of the Basilean units look. However, upon researching a bit on Basilea from a lore standpoint, I found them to not quite be what I wanted. The concept of a country of religious fanatics is not quite appealing to me, especially one with a heavy dose of beuracracy. I live in the US, I already kind of deal with that. I don’t want to repeat it in game.

Additionally, I found that the Brothermark lacked options. For instance, they have a grand total of 8 unique theme units. Thats it. The rest of their units come from the Basilean list, and the total available units comes out to 21 (13 Basilean, 8 Brothermark). Then I was like “Well I want mounted knights, whats this Green Lady about?”

The vibe for the Green Lady is very different then the Brothermark. While its still a knightly order, rather then a focus on doing what the Basilean aristocracy wants and hunting monsters, the Order of the Green Lady are devoted to the defense of the natural world on behalf of the Green Lady. I appreciate this, as it appeals to me. It helps that the unit list, being a mix of Forces of Natures (11 choices from that list) and 11 unique Green Lady units (22 total). For reference, the list looks like this:

For the Order of the Green Lady Unique Options:

Infantry – Order of the Brotherhood on Foot, Men at Arms Retainers
Cavalry – Order of the Brotherhood, Order of Redemption*
Large Infantry – Water Elementals
Large Cavalry – Order of the Forsaken*
Monsters – Greater Water Elementals
Heroes – Exemplar Redeemer, Exemplar of the Brotherhood, Devoted, Exemplar Adjunct

Then you can take the following from Forces of Nature (but I dont know where they fall in type yet as I dont have the Core Rulebook)

Naiad Ensnarers*, Naiad Heartpiercers*, Woodland Critters*, Earth Elemental, Greater Earth Elemental, Beast of Nature, Unicorn, Pegasus, Druid, Naiad Stalker, Avatar of the Green Lady (1)

As a note anything with an * next to it is called an Irregular unit, and do to the way you build lists they are kind of special.

But I was still wanting to run Basilean units! How could I use their Men at Arms, their Paladins on Foot, and their Mounted Paladins?

And thats when I got the brainwave and that story above. It happened, quite literally, as I was laying in bed to fall asleep. I awoke the next day, and wrote that up before work.

Thus was born the Wardens of the Twilight Grove.

Now then, comes the planning! I still want to start with Vanguard, the skirmish game! And for that, the faction is simply called “The Brotherhood” and features NO units from either Basilea or the Forces of Nature outside of the Water Elemental (which is part of the Green Lady list actually). Now, obviously, I want units for Vanguard that can also pull double duty in my regular Kings of War army, and because of this, I am most likely not going to Multibase. Finally, because The Brotherhood is a newer list for Vangaurd, they have no starter kit I could buy. So I gotta plan ahead for this one!

Right now, my initial plan is for a 200 point Vanguard list of the following:

  • Exemplar 41 (Commander)
  • Water Elemental 32 (Large)
  • Devoted 26 (Spellcaster)
  • 2 Mounted Knights 52 (Warriors)
  • 3 Foot Knight 45 (Warriors)

Total Points 196

Now for the Exemplar and Devoted, I can basically use anything I want to represent them. I am looking at 3D Printed options for those, as I can use them as “Heroes” for my main Kings of War force.

For the Water Elemental, I can just get a Water Elemental Box from Mantic, which is a Regiment sized number of Elementals. Mounted Knights? I can grab a box of Basilean Mounted Paladins just like I wanted which gets me a regiment of them. And for the Foot Knights? A box of Basilean Paladins on Foot, which is again a regiment.

Now I am talking about Regiments and list building so let me break this down real quick. Unlike Warhammer, where you have “Force Organization Charts” or “Battlelines” you instead have an unlock system.

Basically, you take a unit in a specific size, and it unlocks other units for you to take. Generally, unlocks are tied taking a unit in the Regiment, Horde, or Legion size.

For example: Taking a Infantry, Heavy Infantry, or Cavalry Unit in the size of Regiment then allows you to take 2 units in the Troops size, and one Hero / Monster / Titan / War Engine. Taking a Infantry, Heavy Infantry, or Cavalry Unit in the size of Horde gives you access to 4 units in the Troops size, 1 Hero choice, 1 War Engine Choice, and 1 Monster/Titan choice.

So getting say a box of Mounted Knights, which comes in the Regiment size, will give me access once I start list building to take a hero and 2 troop squads. Things like that. Its very customizable overall! So I have to think about this in concert with getting a Vanguard force setup.

Overall I think I got a pretty idea where to start. This will get me quite a few models in the coming months as I slowly pick up each box / item. I also have a Druid mini I like, so I am gonna look into getting that. Gotta have a mini for Cassandra, after all! Also the Exemplar is obviously Greymor!

Terminally Nerdy VS The Nerdsletter 8.28.21 & Holminster Switch FFXIV

Yes, this is a double video! You get to see a dungeon run via the Trust System in FFXIV, specifically Holminster Switch from Shadowbringers AND watch me tank it AND LISTEN TO MY NERDSLETTER ARE YOU EXCITED I BET YOU ARE!

Also if you want to read the short story I wrote and talk about, you can do so at this link:

Also also, Have you heard of the critically acclaimed MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV? With an expanded free trial which you can play through the entirety of A Realm Reborn and the award winning Heavensward expansion up to level 60 for free with no restrictions on playtime?! You can find the free trial right here

Topics Covered in no particular order:

The Trust System in FFXIV and what it is!
My Plans for miniature wargaming & why I am moving away from 40k
Kings of War and the Brotherhood
Who are the Wardens of the Twilight Grove
My upcoming review and Lets Play plans (Pathfinder Wrath of the Righteous, Encased, and Vagrus the Riven Realms)

I might do more of these video VLogs combined with Dungeon Runs via the Trust system if you all like this. Let me know in the comments.

Wardens of the Twilight Grove – Kings of War Short Fiction

The old man bent down to move the branch. The forest around him was dark, and the sounds of animals could be heard in the distance. The only noise nearby was that of the people following him. Gaerth, was his name, an old farm hand from Basilea. He and his charges had left Basilea for various reasons and had decided to make this journey together. Some, it was to escape a life of service. Others, it was a feeling they didn’t belong.

But all had heard the song.

There were eight people on this journey. To some place none of them knew existed for sure. A place that was named in the song they each heard. The Twilight Grove.

“Come,” said Gaerth, “the song is louder this way. I think we are nearing…whatever this is.”

One of the travellers, a young man in armor, sighed. “You ever wonder if this song is leading us to our doom? The church, well, I don’t think it would take kindly to this…” He scratched his chin, the faint shadow of stubble showing just how young he really was. “Sir Aeyrm always was warning me about temptation… but…”

The woman next to him adjusted the babe in her arms and sighed. “Thats what them priests want you to think. Or rather, don’t want you to really THINK! All I know is that when the mistress kept beating me and my son Lyle,” she gestured to the young boy following her “the song grew louder, and sadder.”

Gaerth nodded. “Aye lad. I think the song is leading us to somewhere…safe. Perhaps somewhere to belong.”

They spoke as they walked of small things. Their lives before leaving. Their hopes and dreams. Another hour passed as the darkness grew and everyone in their little band started to yawn.

“We have been travelling for a week now Gaerth.” Spoke a burly man in an apron. “I think we need to rest for the night.” Gaerth nodded. The Song was loud now. Almost painful in his head. It was joyous now, he knew that, when before it was full of longing.

As the group began to make camp, a noise in the bushes cause them all to freeze. It did not sound natural.

As they waited, the trees near them began to shake. The woman, Rosemarie, held her baby tight and pulled Lyle close to her. The man in armor, called Krinlye, drew a sword and held it in shaking hands.

Out from the trees came…a man in old Basilean armor, marking him as a paladin. The group stared. Had their masters noticed them missing and sent out a search party? Would they be dragged back in chains?

Then they all noticed the color of the mans tunic. It was not the bright blue of Basilea. No. It was purple, almost as dark as night. The knight stood silent, and next to him the bushes shook again. And a few moments later a large beast emeraged. It looked like a bear…but with the head of an owl. The group took a collective step back and this caused the knight to laugh. It broke the tension instantly.

“Oh don’t mind Gunther here! He is as gentle as can be as long as you don’t do anything foolish”. The knight spoke clearly, with kindness in his voice. “What brings you travellers out here so late?”

No one spoke. Gunther and the Knight waited. Finally, it was Lyle who simply said “The song! We hear a song! Don’t we Ma!” Rosemarie couldn’t respond. She was too busy staring at the creature known as Gunther.

The knight however, simply nodded. “Right then. I know what you seek. I heard it once, too. You seek the Grove.” Everyone in the group nodded mutely. The knight removed his helmet, reveling a head of blonde hair surrounding boyish features. He smiled. “My name is Sir Greymor. I am in service to the Grove. Please, follow me. Its not far.

They began to walk again. After several minutes, Gaerth spoke. “How…how did you find us ser?” He asked quietly. Greymor looked back and smiled “Me and Gunther here are on night patrol is all. You had reached the edges of where we keep watch, really. Wanted to see if you spelled trouble or not.” Gunther made a soft hooting noise, and Greymor laughed. “You are right, I dont think they are trouble!”

“Can you really talk to that creature?” asked Lyle. Greymor clucked his tounge and stopped. “Let me make one thing clear. Gunther is not a creature. He is a thinking being. Like you or me. You will learn such things, but keep this in mind. And yes, you will learn to talk to him and his kind too.” Gunther hooted again, a different sound, and Greymor nodded.

“Not far now! We can get you some beds and food, and rest once we arrive.”

The foliage had been growing thicker by the minute as they walked, but the group noticed that Gunther had taken the lead, and the branches and leaves simply seemed to open up in front of the group, and close back behind them. Finally, a few moments later, light could be seen.

And they walked into a huge open grove, with the sound of people. A small town, in the center of the dark forest.

In the middle of the grove stood a massive oak tree. Greymor turned, and bowed. “Welcome to the Twlight Grove. Its time to meet the Druid! Follow me.”

He lead them down towards the center of the Grove, passing small buildings and tents. It looked like any other town to the travellers, save that many of the buildings seemed to have been grown rather then built. They were clearly heading towards the tree, and Gaerth recognized it was an oak tree, but larger and more massive then any he had ever seen. Gunther and Greymor stayed quiet as they walked, and the group soon found themselves at the base of the tree.

To everyone’s surprise, Greymor walked up to the trunk, and knocked.

Lyle laughed. “Why are you knocking on the tree mister?” he asked.

Greymor smiled, and waited. And then, a form seemed to pull itself from the trunk and walk forward. The group gasped, as the form shimmered, and resolved itself into a woman with bright red hair. She smiled, and it was a motherly smile. “Well Greymor, Gunther, who have you brought today?”

“Lady Cassandra,” Greymor began, “They heard the Song.”

Cassandra’s eyes brightened. “Oh! They have come to join us! Welcome, friends, to the Twlight Grove.” She bowed, and the group stared. Minutes passed as Cassandra stood back up.

Finally Gaerth spoke up. “M’lady,” he began, “What is this song? It…has stopped since we walked in here. And what are you? How did you come out of the tree?”

“Well those are good questions to ask, I suppose!” Cassandra said. “The song, well, thats the Oak.” She waved a hand towards the massive tree. “It is the heart of the Grove, the source of its power, and an ancient protector of the forests. If you can hear its song, that means you belong here, with us. And I am a Druid, in the service of the Green Lady. It lets me wield the power and magic of nature.” Greymor nodded and added “You will find that many of us are from Basilea. The Oak’s song seems to pull more strongly from our ilk. Most of our Knights and other defenders are from there, so you will feel at home. But we are all in the service of the Green Lady, and the Grove.”

Nodding, Cassandra continued “Now, all we ask is that while you are here you contribute. Whether its farming, or smithing, or taking care of the sick and infirm, we only ask that you can do what you can. And to help protect the Grove, and the Forests, on behalf of the Green Lady. Beyond that, we share what we have.”

Krinlye raised his hand. “I was in training to be a knight back in Basilea. Do you all need people like me?” He looked at Greymor, and waited. “Aye lad! We defend the Lady’s forests, and we always need help. Anyone who wishes to provide military aid, and help with guarding the grove, you can come with me. The rest, well, Cassandra will help you get settled in.”

At that, the group began to disperse. A few went with Greymor, and they would become members of the Wardens of the Twilight Grove, defenders of the Green Lady’s lands and members of the Order of the Green Lady. The rest joined the people of the Grove, growing its population and hearing the Oaks song.

But those are tales for another time.

Just a little introduction to what I am considering my faction in Kings of War. The Order of the Green Lady. I had the idea of refugees from Basilea as a starting point for a force, as I like their models. This then grew, as I went to bed last night, into this concept. A subset of the Order who were focused in and around a Grove, protecting it and the region around it alongside the groves Druid. Thus was born The Wardens of the Twilight Grove.

Kings of War and the Orders

Sometimes, I get a little ahead of myself.  You might be aware of that, given how much nonsense went on with choosing my Warhammer 40k Faction back when I first started this blog 3ish months ago.

You might not.

But guess what?  IT HAPPENED AGAIN!  This time with Kings of War!

As I often do I dismissed certain factions / forces without even considering them.

At the top of this was the Basileans.  But my feelings have changed slightly, and that is because of my Uncharted Empires book and the Order of the Brothermark.

Before we discuss them however, lets discuss their brother / sister theme list, the Order of the Green Lady, as they are what caused me to start looking deeper into all the factions in my book and ultimately caused me to land where I have.

I was, as I said, looking into the Herd.  They are a theme list for Forces of Nature, a main faction in the Core Rulebook.  There is however another Theme List for Forces of Nature called “The Order of the Green Lady”.  I was curious what this theme list was, as if I was going to collect Forces of Nature and the Herd, I might as well consider the other theme option for more variety.  What I discovered was a force of mounted knights, in the service of the deity known as the Green Lady, this sort of nature goddess.  So, you could take mounted knights (badass!) alongside elementals.  So then this made me curious as to what the heck the Brothermark were.

Demon Hunting Knights.  That’s what they are.  In the service of a faction of…paladins and clerics and angels?!

How did I miss these?

See, in tabletop RPGs like Dungeons and Dragons and Pathfinder, as well as CRPGs like Kingmaker, Baldurs Gate, and Neverwinter Nights, I have a tendancy to play a very specific class: Clerics.

I have a thing for playing classes with high defense, healing, and sustain.  I love the idea of being this armored warrior you just cannot take down.  And as I started digging into the Basileans and their style, I realized that this was an entire faction of that.  Heavy armored characters, cool models, healing, defensive buffs, and so on!

Hell, even Vanguard feels that way.

I also have a thing for Mounted Knights.  I just think they look awesome!  Who doesn’t love the image of a horde of knights charging forward, lances at the ready?  And demon hunting, dragon hunting specialists?  That’s dope.

Plus, let’s be real: Armor is easier to paint then fur.  One thing that was stressing me out a bit was the idea of trying to figure out how to paint 2 tones of the color brown on furry creatures (whether ratkin or the herd) as well as the various plants and things that the Forces of Nature contain.  Elementals concern me for example.

Mind you, something I have not really brought up is the fact that, simply put, painting is optional with Kings of War.  Sure, Mantic encourages you to paint your armies, but you are not required to do so officially.  There are no rules about being Parade Ready or Battle Ready, no “3 color minimums”, no none of that.  IF you wanted to play with a big pile of grey plastic and bare metal in a tournament you could.  It’s your choice.

Now I still intend to paint my guys, but the idea that I could, say, skip a wash so I could keep them super bright appeals to me.  Yes, I prefer my minis without a shade paint / wash, I like how bright they look to me in that case.  I am weird I understand that, but tough!  They are my minis and I will paint them how I like!

Also, silver and gold armor with purple and orange cloth parts?  YES THAT SEEMS DOPE!

I am going to pick up the Core Rulebook next, and decide for sure, but Basileans might very well be where I end up, with a focus on the Brothermark.  LET LOOSE THE HORSES OF WAR!

Also, seriously. Look at these official models from Mantic for the Basileans (taken from their website directly). DOPE.

I do want to add that Order of the Green Lady is also still on the table here. While the Basileans are visually stunning, Green Lady does have more overall options, and I do like quite a few units from the Forces of Nature, I am just worried about being able to really paint them. They share the same Vanguard Warband options so that doesnt actually matter too much either, so I could literally buy a Basilean Warband starter if I wanted and run it as “Brotherhood” to start.

The Nerdsletter 8/22/21 – The Kings of War Uncharted Empires Review Edition

Yes, I am going to talk about my new copy of Uncharted Empires for Kings of War, why I bought this book first, and my thoughts on the contents! But first, we got VIDEO GAME AND YOUTUBE STUFF!

We are halfway done with my Wildermyth Lets Play being released on YouTube. Click that link to go to the playlist! After that, we got Minit coming up, and then back to normal once a week videos. I have no Lets Plays planned outside of Boyfriend Dungeon, but I want to let that cook a bit more due to some issues involving content warnings (the plot apparently has a villain who is a manipulative stalker and its not really warned well, so Kitfox are fiddling with it.)

My First Impact of Garden Story came out this week as well. Or as I like to think of it, Fruit Souls! Its not my kind of game sadly due entirely to the stamina limitations in combat, but hey, its still an interesting game!

Outside of that, my next planned review is going to be Owlcat Games Wrath of the Righteous. I watched CohhCarnage play the beta for a bit, and between that and some info from Owlcat themselves (including the fact that they responded to my review request personally with a detailed and polite rejection) I am very much interested in this one. It looks like what I had wished Kingmaker WOULD have been including a turn based mode at release AND my favorite Pathfinder Class the Oracle! So yea, I am gonna be picking that up on release Sept 2nd and going from there.

I still need to get around to recording some commentary for more Final Fantasy XIV videos as well. I might work on that this morning after I finish this. I am musing as I write! In the FFXIV world I have started tanking and healing! Fun fact: I tanked in WoW for a bit, but quit after Wrath of the Lich King. It got too toxic, with people screaming at the tank and healers to go faster, do things their way, ect. I got tired of putting up with it. FF XIV has been much more chill, although I am annoyed sometimes when there are 2 or 3 tanks (in 8 mans or alliance raids, respectively) and one of the other tanks decides they must tank EVERYTHING. Like seriously, if I am a tank and I get aggro you do NOT need to provoke the enemy off me JUST so you can be in charge. Or if I get the boss you dont need to provoke it off me just cause you wanna be the MT. Lord have mercy. I am tanking as Gunbreaker by the way, and I am also learning how to heal as a Scholar. I choose Scholar specifically because it shares levels with a DPS Class, the Summoner. No, seriously, if you level either class, the other (once unlocked) will always match. This is because they share the same base class, the Arcanist, and they are the ONLY class in FFXIV that does this! 2 Classes, for the price of one!

I think that covers everything in the video game world. Lets move on to Tabletop Miniatures, and that means its time for my review of my copy of Uncharted Empires.

First up, why did I buy the supplement first, and not the core rules? Because make no mistake, Uncharted Empires is a supplement for Kings of War. It has no rules, no world fluff, it only contains the background and army lists for 12 specific armies, which are:

  • The Brotherhood Orders (Order of the Brothermark and Order of the Green Lady aka Bretonnians)
  • Free Dwarfs (Not to be confused with Free Birds)
  • Salamanders (Hawaiin Lizardfolk!)
  • Sylvan Kin (Wood Elves)
  • The Herd (Nice Beastmen!)
  • Kingdoms of Men (The Empire, LOL)
  • The League of Rhordia (Halflings!)
  • Ratkin & Ratkin slaves (Skaven!)
  • Twilight Kin (Dark Elves)
  • Varangur (Warriors of Chaos)

The other 14 armies are contained in the Core Rulebook. But honestly, the three armies I am most interested in (Salamanders, Ratkin, and The Herd) are all contained in this book! And, given that the rules for Kings of War are available free (with sample army lists for Dwarves and Orcs in them) online, I felt that for me, going for the book that has the 3 forces I am debating between would make the most sense. Also, its cheaper (I got mine on Amazon brand new for $25, its MSRP is $30) then the Core Rules ($40), it made it a better buy.

The book itself is quality, I can tell you that much. Its a soft cover, and not as large as I expected. But the actual paper quality in the interior is wonderful, nice and glossy, and the cover is clean and feels good. It just feels good to hold.

The book opens with a small table of contents, and then with a brief introduction that takes up a single side of a page, and then a page of fiction involving the Ratkin and Abyssal Dwarves. And from there it dives right into the Lore sections. Each force gets a section at the front detailing their background, and then the latter half of the book are the army lists and some more information detailing the military forces of the faction.

And I do have a bit of an issue here. The factions don’t feel equal, as far as background goes. For example: The Salamanders, one of the factions I am interested in, get 6 pages roughly of background information, detailing their history, a bit about the subraces that make up their forces, and so one. The Herd? They get one and a half pages. The Twlight Kin aka Dark Elves? They get 2 pages, and 1 extra art piece. I cannot determine any rhyme or reason as to why one faction might get more in depth background then another. Maybe they had different writers?

The army lists come next, and they are laid out with military background information first, and then the actual unit lists. Again, everything is easy to understand and laid out well. List wise, every force seems to be roughly equal, with plenty of options for you to use. Some do seem a little more fleshed out then others (again, The Herd don’t have as many options as say the Salamanders or Kingdom of Men) but even with my limited knowledge of the game I can see that you could make a decent army with any of these.

One thing to mention is the idea of Theme Lists. Certain forces (the Herd, Twilight Kin, a few others) are marked as Theme lists. These have a Master List they can pull additional units from. So while the Herds unique units for instance are a little light, they can take Forces of Nature units from a specific group listed in the army page. This does let you expand a force a bit more but you would need the book with those units in it, which is most likely the Core Book.

Overall I am very pleased with this book, and in the coming weeks I am going to pour over it while deciding which faction I am going to take. The three I am interested in, for the record, as the Salamanders, the Ratkin, and the Herd.

Oh, and just as a warning: Bear in mind that these factions, being a mix of subfactions and themed lists? They might not have the best official support as far as miniatures goes. Now Kings of War allows proxies and 3D Printed minis, as well as 3rd party minis, as long as its clear what they represent (ya know, peeps with pikes need pikes, ect). So for example, the Salamanders have limited official support at the moment, the Ratkin are a bit better, the League of Rhordia just got stuff (They are halflings) but the Herd?

The Herd have nothing right now outside of the Forces of Nature miniatures they can take. If I were to go with the Herd, I would have to either source 3D Printed minis or figure out other options for Beastmen type minis.

Which, granted, I do not mind. But it is a thing I have to consider beyond just the lore it seems!

Thanks for reading! Until next time!

The Nerdsletter 8/14/21 – A Wild Myth in a Minit after showing the Kings of Warhammer

Yes, that title is a word soup. No I do not regret it!

Alright lets start with the video game and YouTube front! First if you missed it I have joined a group called the Indie Game Collective, a sort of union of Content Creators that aim to focus on Indie video game coverage, whether its streams, videos, written work, and more. In my case, this means that I will be doing reviews, lets plays, and first impacts a bit more often to cover various games.

Speaking of indie games, starting tomorrow (8/15) my Wildermyth Lets Play will start releasing! Its 14 episodes long and will release daily till its over. This will take the place of any normal vids I might usually release during the week. The week following the last Wildermyth episode is when Minit will release. The Minit Lets Play is only 4 episodes long (its a short game) and then it will be back to business as usual for a while till I finish Boyfriend Dungeon. Yes, Boyfriend Dungeon.

There will also be a Review OR First Impact on Garden Story. I got a key from Stride PR to cover it and want to spend some time playing a cute Grape Boy doing cute adventure things.

Now lets talk Wargaming and whoo boy do I have a lot to say here.

Originally back in May when I started getting into Wargaming and Warhammer 40k, my hope was by this month I would be able to play. I would be Vaccinated, my state would be doing better, and I would feel comfortable to go out and start to actually learn the game of 40k. THIS HAS NOT HAPPENED.

Florida has instead become the epicenter of the COVID epidemic in the US. We have more cases every day, the Delta Variant is rampaging around the state, our Governor is actively trying to kill us by banning mask mandates in schools and the like, and people just seem to…not care. The store I would play at has a personal Mask Mandate sure, but when I see things like this?


Thats the biggest wargaming convention in Florida. Saying they have no intention of requiring masks OR VACCINATIONs to attend. WHILE admitting the fact that Delta is rampaging through the state! And when I see people reacting to this, generally its “OH MAN CANT WAIT TO GET BACK TO GAMING IN PERSON!” as if nothing is happening. It makes me feel like I am taking crazy pills.

So my focus on Wargaming is going to be, at least for the forseeable future, on assembling, collecting, and painting minis. This means that I am less worried about expanding my current collection of Space Marines, which is handy because Kings of War by Mantic Games has become a bit of an obsession with me. Because of a few reasons!

First lets talk affordability. I did not realize it before, but Games Workshop and Warhammer is EXPENSIVE. More so then I originally thought, at least, when compared to other games or companies. For instance! To get the Core Rulebook for 40k, you need to spend $70 MSRP. Then you need your army book, which is $40. Thats $110 to just be able to play one army. And you better hope your Codex is up to date for the current edition! Tau, for instance, have no 9th Ed codex yet, nor do Tyranids or Eldar. Space Marines are generally a safe bet cause they are the poster child of 40k, so I am fine when 10th Ed comes out. But yea.

Then we got the minis themselves! My Combat Patrol runs $140 MSRP, contained 15 minis, and is a 520 point force. Thats enough to start playing 40k, sure. But most people run games at the 1k or higher point level. 500 points is mostly for learning.

So I have already spent $250 MSRP on just getting INTO 40k. I don’t regret it, let me be clear, I am very pleased with my little force.

But compare that to Kings of War. First, the Core Rulebook for Kings of War is $45 MSRP. It includes the rules, sure, but also 14 ARMIES. NO CODEX NEEDED. However, there are a total of 26 armies available in Kings of War so where are the other 12? In a book called Uncharted Empires, which is $30. Thats the lists for 26 total armies, all the rules you need, for $75. That means with just these 2 books you can play any faction. AND Because the lists are released all at once, there is no codex creep, or issues with playing an army that isnt “updated”. This is incredibly nice to see. Oh and then there is Vanguard, which is their skirmish game (think Kill Team or Warcry). You can download the rules for Vanguard and the army lists for free online. In fact, you can buy the Vanguard Rulebook and it does not include the Warbands. Those are always online, for free, and kept up to date. Compare that to the new edition of Kill Team for 40k…which is looking like $200 for the starter kit.

But what about the minis you say! Well, Kings of War has their version of a combat patrol, called a Mega Army. Its $160 MSRP (so $20 more expensive) but points wise, each box runs around 1300 to 1500 in points. And average games of KoW run around 2000 to 2300 points. So one box is nearly all you need! And because of a mechanic called Multibasing, you can actually stretch the box further. Its wild.

Nevermind how community facing Mantic is versus Games Workshop. Like GW has recently pissed off a lot of their fanbase with things like No 3D Printed ANYTHING at official tournaments, the updated IP stuff (which honestly doesnt bother me, its the same as video game companies and I am used to it) and the issues with stock.

Mantic however? They encourage you to use their official mini lines, sure, but if you want to 3d print your entire army? GO for it. Wanna use another companies minis? Feel free! The only rules are the minis need to be similar to what they represent (so elf archers need to look like elf archers, ect) and thats basically it. Hell, some of their army lists like The Herd dont even HAVE official mini lines yet. You CANT use Mantic minis for stuff like that. You have to either use another companies minis or 3d print them!

Hell, Mantic wrote articles on how to play their games online via various options. Dont believe me?

Check out this, this, and this. Oh yea, Games Workshop would NEVER do this. Stuff like this is wild to me.

So now my plans are to shift my purchasing, assembling, and collecting towards Kings of War and Vanguard. I have yet to decide on a faction either, because frankly so many of their official lines interest me. Undead, Ogres, Salamanders, Ratkin, Northern Alliance, and the Nightkin are all amazing looking. The lore that I have been able to find is fascinating as well. I currently plan to get the Kings of War Core Rulebook to start, and read up on the factions in there. Then possibly Uncharted Empires and go from there.

I will play 40k of course, but until its stabilized a bit and they are caught up a bit, I am not too concerned with expanding that collection. Especially since I don’t feel comfy actually playing it. I would rather just collect, assemble, and paint the minis I like, that I am interested in, and that I feel deserve support! Oh, and possibly get some custom 3D Printed stuff for said forces.

Call me overly cautious if you wish, I dont mind. I would rather be safe then infected.

Thanks for reading, and let loose the KINGS OF WAR!

The Nerdsletter 8/8/21 – Warhams, Kings of War, and Wild Myths

Alright so not much has gone on this week. First off, in case you missed it, here is last weeks “Nerdsletter” which was in video form, more or less.

Now that we have that out of the way! Lets talk games! First, Chernobylite. I was going to try to at least get a first impression video out on it but sadly the game makes me motion sick too fast for me to really do footage capture. So here is my little review: Its a great interesting game that takes the best concepts of Fallout 4’s Settlement building and combines them with an interesting take on survival horror / stalker esque gameplay. Discreet levels, wonderful visuals and atmosphere, both english and russian voice acting thats really solid, and as far as my 2 hours went, bug free. Runs good too! Gunplay was also fun and the story was cool. I just get motion sick within 10 minutes trying to play it.

In the world of Final Fantasy, I now have 3 classes at 80: Samurai, Red Mage, and Dancer. I really love the Samurai, and I think its going to be my primary class going forward, with Red Mage and then Dancer after it. Which is funny, considering I have both my Resistance Shadowbringer Relics for Dancer and Red Mage. The grind was real for those!

I am also dabbling in Warframe again, mostly as a grinding “turn off my brain” game. Its helpful for me to relax as my day job has gotten markedly more intense as far as workload / requirements, and I find myself stressed out more often then not.

Finally, I have started recording the Wildermyth Lets Play for my channel. I am doing a 5 Chapter Random Campaign, and have gotten thru 2 chapters (6 episodes). That will not be released at all until I have finished the playthrough AND my Patrons have gotten access to the full LP. This is how I am going to do Lets Plays going forward. Shorter games (20 hours or less), where I play the whole game, record my playthrough, and THEN upload it for my Patrons, and THEN a week or two later start releasing every episode daily till its done. This is not the most effective way as far as YouTube is concerned, but whatever.

Finally, lets talk minis!

I haven’t been in the mood this week to finish my Impulsor, nor have I had a chance to pick up the Army Painter Daemon Yellow Primer Spray (and paint). My current plan of course is to use that primer spray to base everything in the yellow, and then add the details on top of that.

Additionally, I have been researching other games. And not for the reason you might think (no I dont really care about the whole IP thing, its nothing new for me as a Gaming Youtuber).

I have always intended to play both a Sci Fi and Fantasy Wargame. For Sci Fi I have obviously gone with 40k. I like the design of the minis, the lore, and all that jazz. But Age of Sigmar is kind of….eh. I like the Orruks design, and thats about it really. And as I have delved back into the hobby that is Miniature Wargaming I have realized that my interests have changed slightly. Back in May when I first decided to get back in, I figured my interest would be Play, then Assemble, and then finally Paint.

But thats not what has happened.

Rather, I find myself enjoying Assembly, then Painting, and then yea I want to play but….I kind of want to collect things first.

Because of this interest shift, I find myself wanting to like the look and lore of my minis / army more then how they play. And realizing that, combined with my general dislike of how the Age of Sigmar designs stand, caused me to rethink that game. Then I saw a tweet by Mantic Games about their new upcoming Halfling and Salamander minis for Kings of War. I wrote a bit about the Kings of War vs Age of Sigmar here, but as I have delved into both the main Kings of War game and the skirmish game, Vanguard, I have found myself drawn to it. Firstly, I love MANY of the armies and minis. Not just one faction at all, but like…most of them! Its actually hard for me to say “This faction, looks wise, is my jam” because A LOT of them are!

I mean, just look at these!

Riverguard Dambuster
Nightstalkers Dreadfiend
Rhinosaur Cavalry Regiment
Dwarf Steel Behemoth
Veer-myn Tunnel Runner Formation

Those are all from different armies, and all look badass. This makes me want to assemble and (poorly) paint them.

The rules are also pretty interesting. Vanguard is pretty damn cool (I have read the free rules they have online), and the main Kings of War game is more classic WHFB with regiments and the like then Age of Sigmar. But even then, Kings of War by design is also minis agnostic. You wanna play with a weird mini you found on the Reaper site or one of your Games Workshop ones or something else? As long as you clearly tell your opponent what it is, go nuts. 3D Print your army if you care to. As long as they are based properly (and they have this whole Multibasing rule where you can basically build a diorama out of your unit, its wild) the rules dont care.

I am thinking I am gonna get into at least Vanguard, maybe for one or two factions, and build from there. And given the cost (seriously, Kings of War is way cheaper then GW) it will let me build out a bit faster then I first thought.

No, I am not abandoning my Void Breaker 40k Space Marines. I am gonna collect them too. But for a fantasy game, I am definitely leaning towards Kings of War / Vanguard. Hopefully there are a few players here in Orlando. But if not?

I am happy just to collect, build, and paint if nothing else. And thats good enough for me.

Till next time, thanks for reading everyone!

The Kings of War vs the Age of Sigmar

As I plan to paint my 40k Combat Patrol, my thoughts turn to Fantasy games.  I have been planning to play both a Sci Fi game (40k) and a fantasy type miniatures game.

Honestly, up till today, I figured Age of Sigmar was pretty much the only fantasy game option outside of Warmachine / Hordes.

And then I saw this tweet by Mantic Games, the creators of a game called Kings of War, and I was curious.

Now, as far as Age of Sigmar goes, it seems like a good game!  Really it does!  But there is one slight issue….I am not a huge fan of the minis design.  They seem fiddly, spindly, and in some cases bland.  Sure, the Orruks are cool but most of what I like the look of tend to be the monsters and not the rank and file.  Which is bad when you need to collect o so many models and paint them!

As I browsed the Kings of War site and its range however, I found tons I liked the look of.  There are Frog Riders, giant Lizardmen, angry Rat Swarms, demons, undead, and more!  Elementals as well!  Just lots of really cool looking minis.

Course, the other major issue is whether or not there is a player base in my area, but turns out there is at least a Facebook Group specifically for Floridian Kings of War players.  Hell there is even a Skirmish game for Kings of War called Vanguard, so if I wanna play small scale Warcry / Killteam styled games, I could.

Finally something I have to consider, is the simple fact that Kings of War, cost wise, seems a bit cheaper then Age of Sigmar.  Given that I am already giving GW money for 40k, giving another company some support so they can make cool games and minis also doesn’t seem too bad.

I am gonna do some more research and maybe read the free Kings of War and Vanguard Rules (you can download em) and see how I like it.  It definitely is more old school Warhammer Fantasy in style as well, with rank and file and regiments and all that jazz.

A lot of what I need in a miniatures game has to do with lore and visuals to be quite honest.  I need to like what I am putting together and painting, and I need to enjoy fielding them on the board.

I am not sure AoS is gonna fit me in that way.