The Nerdsletter Issue #44 – Scratch that Itch

This week has been quiet, mostly.  Although my allergies started acting up so bad on Thursday that my nose was slowly bleeding due to being dry while also running.  So that was fun.

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The Nerdsletter Issue #42 – Ouch!

So let me tell you, a steroid injection directly into the base of your thumb is a painful experience.  This was the treatment I was given for my trigger finger issue.  The actual needle going in was not too bad due to a cold spray numbing my hand.  But the actual medication?  That felt like fire.  Then my thumb went fully numb from the base to the tip, and stayed that way for a good 12 hours.

If this first injection doesn’t work, after 30 days, I will get a second.  And if THAT doesn’t fix it?  Surgery.  Good times.

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The Nerdsletter Issue #41 – 2 hours, 57 minutes, 47 seconds

I came to the realization recently that while I call these newsletters, in reality these posts, these Nerdsletters, are a journal.  A weekly journal where I detail the things going on with my hobbies and interests as well as my life.

A snapshot, if you will, of a particular moment in time.  That is a fascinating thing when I think about it.  I worried that I occasionally overshared in these but if you take the fact that A) no one has to read these and B) they are effectively a journal, I don’t really think I am oversharing.

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The Nerdsletter Issue #36 – Prickly Problems

I want to open this week’s Nerdsletter with a strange story.  So my wife, a few months ago, ordered a Korone Inugami Nendroid (preorder).  It is due to ship sometime this month, January 2023.  Now, this past weekend around the 19th I get an email saying I have a package on the way via USPS as I have their delivery notification service.  Thing is, the only package we are expecting to ship is said Nendroid, and that was still showing as processing but not yet shipped (it has shipped now thank god).  So both me and my wife are confused as to who this package is for, and where its coming from.

On Monday the 24th I go out to my mailbox to grab the package, and what I find confuses and bewilders me.

It’s this:

Yes, that is in fact a Children’s book.  And the return address was for a BLS Limo Company in New York City.  I was highly confused by this, but as I thought about it, I realized that most likely what had occurred was this: See, about 10 years ago, give or take, I was a semiprofessional book reviewer.  I had a completely different blog, and my name/address were on several PR Firms for book reviewers so I could be sent physical review copies and PR Packages by authors.  Hell, I still have a poker chip that was sent as part of a PR Package on my keychain.  Obviously, I don’t do these reviews anymore, but my data is still out there.  So, what I THINK occurred is the author, Carole P Roman (this is a pen name of the CO FOUNDER OF THAT LIMO COMPANY WHICH WAS FEATURED IN FUCKING FORBES), got ahold of one of these lists from one of these PR firms and had her minions just blanket mail copies of her latest kid’s book.  Cause lets be real she aint gonna stuff all these priority mail envelopes herself that is for damn sure.

I intend to donate it to either Goodwill or my local Library.  I have no need of it.  But it was such an odd moment to start my week let me tell you.

Ok, lets get into the regular Nerdsletter now.

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